VivoSense® Provides the Solution to Accurate Volume Measures Derived from RIP

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Respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) is a method for evaluating breathing characteristics by measuring the movement of the thorax and abdominal wall. RIP acquires respiratory data via two elastic bands placed around the rib cage (RC) and abdomen (AB), and thus, must be calibrated to provide accurate volume metrics. There are several methods for RIP calibration, […]

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VivoSense Marks Rare Disease Day 2017

VivoSense recognizes Rare Disease Day by minding the importance of discovering new advancements in research and clinical trials to care for those with rare diseases. There are approximately 30 million Americans living with with rare diseases today, and research into new therapies is imperative for these patients.   We are pleased to be currently assisting […]

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Link Between Aerobic Fitness Level and Protection to Psychosocial Stress Found Using VivoSense®

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen used VivoSense® Software to study the link between physical activity and its ability to improve resistance to psychosocial stress. The relation between physical activity and better response to stress is based on the similar bodily reaction to stress and physical activity. With the two creating similar […]

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VivoSense facilitates novel respiratory studies in premature infants

VivoSense continues to lead the way in infant respiratory analysis. Orange County, CA, February, 2017 – Washington University School of Medicine, and St Louis Children’s Hospital with funding from the NIH Prematurity and Respiratory Outcomes Project (PROP) https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01435187 have published early research findings. The primary goal of the PROP study was to identify biomarkers and clinical variables in premature infants […]

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Vivonoetics to provide advanced respiratory assessment for SMA-1 clinical trial

Roche’s Firefish clinical trial will evaluate drug efficacy against respiratory muscle function and breathing patterns in infants treated for SMA. Orange County, CA, January, 2017 – Vivonoetics Inc., developer of VivoSense® respiratory testing solutions, announced today that in partnership with Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies, they will be providing advanced respiratory assessment to the Roche FIREFISH study. […]

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