Digital Biomarkers for Regulated Clinical Trials and Healthcare Research

Collect and Analyze Wearable Sensor Data

We have a proven and repeatable approach to digital outcome measures and endpoints.

  • 10+ Years’ Experience: Deliver end-to-end digital biomarkers
  • Wearable Sensor Agnostic: Integrate with any sensor, anywhere, anytime
  • Drive FDA Validation: Provide evidence in regulatory decision-making
  • Powerful Analytics Software: Collect, visualize, and analyze real-world data

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Helping Digital Health Teams Improve Patient Outcomes


Scientific Data Analytics

Wearable Sensor Biomarkers that Advance Clinical Research

Clinical Study Design

Expert solutions from scientific review and protocol design to biomarker development.

Sensor Data Collection

Wearable sensor selection, data analysis and review to optimize data quality and results.

Data Quality Control

VivoSense human augmented AI reduces variability, providing accurate results.

Agile Data Analysis

Optimize biomarker specificity with study context, analysis, and visualization.

Supporting Organizations that Advance Clinical Research Through Collaboration


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