Download the new VivoSense® Version 3.1 to access the following updated features:

  • WFDB (Physiobank WaveForm DataBase) import

  • Garmin JSON File Import

  • Merge multiple files with same channel types together. VivoSense® allows synchronization and merge of waveform data from multiple sources. Now, you can merge waveform data channels with different start times. For example, a subject records sensor data and then stops recording for a bathroom break, and starts the recording again 5 minutes later, VivoSense® users can later merge these two files together to create a continuous waveform data stream in a single file.

In addition to these new features, VivoSense® has been enhancing the following modules:

  • Complex Respiratory Analysis

  • Synchronization and Merge

  • Hexoskin Import

  • HRV Analysis

If you have VivoSense® 3.0 or greater, look out for instructions to download and install VivoSense 3.1 from the latest updates. Or request a free trial license.

Contact us if you would like to get a demonstration of any of the new features in VivoSense® 3.1.