Are Wearables Worthy for Regulated Clinical Trials?

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Industry Experts Bust the Myths of 'Validation'

Covid-19 and the imminent rise of 5G networks are an accelerant to advancing wearables for clinical trials, deepening our commitment to tracking better digital endpoints.

But in our collective rush to run trials virtually, we must validate that the new devices and wearable solutions are appropriate and accurate. In this webinar, lead scientists and industry leaders share essential guidelines to start with the end in mind and take a comprehensive approach to managing complexity, including:

  • Key differences between standard COA validation and sensor validation
  • Nuances of verification, analytical validation, and clinical validation of a wearable measure
  • Why fundamentals should be in place before deploying AI and ML
  • Best practice implementation that maximizes the value of your data

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Webinar Panelists


Ariel Dowling
Director, Digital Strategy

Abhi Verma - Novarits

Abhi Verma
VP, Lead
Applied Technology Innovation

Kate Lyde, PhD.

Kate Lyden
Chief Science Officer


Jeremy Wyatt