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Patient-Centric Digital Endpoints of Function for AD Research

Physical Function, Alzheimer's, Poster

VivoSense Marks Rare Disease Day

Company News, Rare Disease, Rett syndrome

Why You Should Include Digital Endpoints in Clinical Trials

Digital Biomarkers, Physical Function, Alzheimer's

Webinar: Holistic Measures of Physical Functioning in Cancer

Physical Function, Oncology

Measuring What Is Meaningful in Cancer Cachexia Clinical Trials

Oncology, Paper

Capturing Real-World Physical Behavior in Cancer Survivors


Novel Digital Sleep Assessment Tools in Major Depressive Disorder

Sleep, Patient-Centricity

Assessing Physical Function with Wearable Sensors in Cancer Survivors

Physical Function, Oncology, Presentation

New Release: VivoSense® Software 3.6


Digital Measures of Physical Behavior for Alzheimer's Clinical Trials

Neurology, Alzheimer's, Paper

Examples of Patient-Centric Digital Measures for Rett Syndrome

Rare Disease, Patient-Centricity, Rett syndrome, Presentation

Colin Bower Joins VivoSense as Chief Executive Officer

Company News, Employee Spotlight

Implementing Patient-Centric Solutions in Digital Evidence Generation

Patient-Centricity, Presentation

Creating a Common Understanding of Analytically Validated DHTs

Wearable Sensors, DHT Validation, Paper

The Importance of Patients as Partners in Alzheimer's Disease Research

Neurology, Alzheimer's, Patient-Centricity, Presentation

Reverse Engineering Digital Measures: A Patient-Centric Approach

Company News, Patient-Centricity, Paper

VivoSense Collaborates with Cambridge Cognition on the MEADOW-AD Study

Company News, Neurology, Alzheimer's

VivoSense Joins CancerX to Advance Digital Innovation in Research

Company News, Oncology, Coalitions

Key Learnings about Digital Measurement in Pediatric Research

Digital Biomarkers, Digital Endpoints, Presentation, Pediatrics

VivoSense Joins the FNIH Biomarkers Consortium

Company News, Neurology, Coalitions, Patient-Centricity

Essential Steps to FDA Approval for Digital Biomarkers [Infographic]

Digital Biomarkers, DHT Validation, FDA & Regulations

VivoSense Joins Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI)

Company News, Coalitions

VivoSense Study to Develop Digital Measures of Function for AD

Case Studies, Physical Function, Neurology, Alzheimer's, Poster

VivoSense Announces Expanded Collaboration with RSRT

Company News, Coalitions, Rare Disease, Rett syndrome

Experts Discuss Novel Evidence for Regulatory Decisions at #scope2023

FDA & Regulations

VivoSense Joins DiMe's Core Measures of Sleep Project

Company News, Sleep, Coalitions

VivoSense Awarded NIA/MassAITC Grant to Aid in Alzheimer's Research

Company News, Neurology, Grant, Alzheimer's

The Next-Generation 6MWT: Best 6-Minute Effort (B6ME™)

Physical Function

Opportunities for Real-World Measures in Alzheimer's Research

Neurology, Alzheimer's, Poster

Good Data is Essential in Digital Biomarker Development

Wearable Data Analysis, Digital Biomarkers

Measuring Physical Function and Mobility in Real World Settings

Digital Endpoints, Physical Function

VivoSense Joins DiMe Physical Activity Project

Company News, Coalitions

Wearable Sensors and Validating Outcome Measures in Clinical Trials

DHT Validation, Presentation

Digital Health Expert, Ieuan Clay, Joins VivoSense Science Team

Company News, Employee Spotlight

VivoSense Joins DTRA to Accelerate Adoption of Decentralized Trials

Company News, Coalitions

Stijn Rogiers Interview About Accelerating Digital Endpoints

Company News, Digital Biomarkers

Pharmaphorum Interview: Accelerating Wearables in Clinical Trials

Company News

Digital Biomarkers: Pandemic Impact, Barriers, Trends, Hype, and Hope

Digital Endpoints

Digital Health Expert, Rob Wilson, Joins VivoSense Leadership Team

Company News

VivoSense Announces Closing of $25M Series A Financing

Company News

How to Visualize Physiological Data for Clinical Trials Using VivoSense®

Software, Wearable Data Analysis

Catalyze Digital Biomarker Innovation Through Collaboration

Digital Biomarkers

Advancing Novel Respiratory Endpoint Discovery with Wearables


Digital Biomarkers: Current Limitations and Future Outlook

Digital Biomarkers

Example of Novel Respiratory Endpoint Discovery Using Real-World Data

Respiratory, Rare Disease, Rett syndrome

Understanding Neurodegenerative Diseases with Wearable Sensors

Digital Endpoints, Neurology

The Value of Exploratory Endpoints in Early Phase Clinical Trials

Wearable Sensors, Digital Biomarkers, Digital Endpoints

Employee Spotlight: Dudley Tabakin

Employee Spotlight

Consumer-Grade Activity Trackers Place in Clinical Research

Wearable Sensors

Oncology Research and Care: Reimagining Digital Innovation

Oncology, Presentation

Employee Spotlight: Lindsey Ungerman

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Jen Blankenship, PhD.

Employee Spotlight

Monitoring the Health of First Responders with Wearable Sensors

Wearable Data Types

How Digital Data Impacts the Development of New Treatments

Wearable Data Analysis, Wearable Sensors, Digital Biomarkers

Overcoming the Barriers to Adopting Digital Clinical Measures

Digital Biomarkers

How Experts Can Help Your Organization Adopt Digital Biomarkers

Digital Biomarkers

Measuring Respiratory Related Outcomes with Wearable Sensors

Digital Endpoints, Respiratory

Understanding Wearable Sensor Types and Wear Location

Wearable Sensors

An Alternative to the 6MWT in Virtual Clinical Trials

Wearable Data Types

Digital Health Technologies in Clinical Drug Development

Wearable Sensors, Digital Biomarkers

Using Wearable Sensors to Assess Sleep-Related Outcome Measures

Digital Endpoints, Sleep

A Look into the Future of VivoSense V3 Endpoint Development

Digital Endpoints, Physical Function, DHT Validation

Guide to the Shared Foundation for Digital Clinical Measurement

Digital Biomarkers, Digital Endpoints

Biomarkers vs. Clinical Outcome Assessments (COA) vs. Endpoints

Digital Biomarkers, Digital Endpoints

VivoSense Awarded NIH/NCI Grant to Aid in Cancer Research

Company News, Digital Endpoints, Oncology, Grant

New Release: VivoSense® Software 3.5 for Wearable Sensor Data Analysis


Creating a Data Quality System for Digital Biomarker Development

Wearable Data Analysis, Digital Biomarkers

Commonly Used Wearable Sensors in Clinical Trials

Wearable Sensors

Getting Started Using Wearable Sensors for Clinical Research

Wearable Sensors

Developing Digital Biomarkers Post Covid-19

Digital Endpoints, Covid-19

Benefits of Using Wearable Sensors in Clinical Trials

Wearable Sensors, Digital Biomarkers

Digital Biomarker Discovery: All for One, Not One for All

Digital Biomarkers

US Marine Corps Studies HRV to Predict PTSD Using Wearable Sensor Data

Case Studies, Wearable Data Types

Digital Biomarker Discovery Must be Hypothesis-Driven

Digital Biomarkers

An Introduction to the Foundation of Digital Biomarker Development

Wearable Sensors, Digital Biomarkers

Digital Biomarkers to Address COVID-19 Symptoms and Progression

Digital Endpoints, Covid-19

RSRT Partners with VivoSense to Develop Digital Biomarkers

Company News, Coalitions, Rare Disease, Rett syndrome

VivoSense® Plays Vital Role in Respiratory Monitoring in Infants

Case Studies, Digital Endpoints, Respiratory, Pediatrics

Physician Biometric Data Analysis Helps Improve Patient Outcomes

Case Studies, Wearable Data Types

VivoSense® Used to Explore HRV as a Biomarker of Obesity

Case Studies, Wearable Data Types

Analyzing Integrated Data From Multiple Physiological Sensors

Case Studies, Wearable Data Analysis

How to Label Physiological Events to Discover Novel Digital Biomarkers

Wearable Data Analysis

New Release: VivoSense® Software 3.4 for Wearable Sensor Data Analysis


Announcing VivoSense® Version 3.3 Release


ActiGraph Partners with VivoSense to Enhance Secure Access to Regulated Sensor Data from Patients in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

Company News, Coalitions

VivoSense Clinical Trials Services now offered in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Company News, Software

Indie Health Partners with VivoSense to Provide Advanced Insights in Chronic Disease Management and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

Company News, Coalitions

VivoSense (Vivonoetics, Inc.) Announces its Partnership with Cardiac Insight, Inc.

Company News

VivoSense Releases Newest Enhanced Wearable Sensor Analysis Platform


Advanced Analytics for Electromyogram (EMG) Signals using VivoSense® Software: Understanding Muscle Responses to Intensive Resistance Training

Wearable Data Types

Developing Digital Biomarkers in Clinical Trials and Healthcare Delivery

Digital Biomarkers

Announcing VivoSense® Version 3.1 Release


VivoSense® Provides the Solution to Accurate Volume Measures Derived from RIP

Digital Endpoints, Respiratory, Wearable Data Types

Link Between Aerobic Fitness Level and Protection to Psychosocial Stress Found Using VivoSense®

Case Studies, Wearable Data Types

VivoSense Facilitates Novel Respiratory Studies in Premature Infants

Case Studies, Digital Endpoints, Respiratory

Vivonoetics to Provide Advanced Respiratory Assessment for SMA-1 Clinical Trial

Case Studies, Digital Endpoints, Respiratory

VivoSense® Now Offers Cloud Hosting of Data

Company News, Software

Introducing VivoSense® 3.0


US Marine Corps HRV Analysis Using VivoSense®

Case Studies, Wearable Data Types

VivoSense® Software Compatible with Hexoskin Health Monitoring Sensor Garment

Company News, Software

Vivonoetics Partners with Beddit to Provide Contact-Free Monitoring of Sleep and Vital Signs

Company News, Digital Endpoints, Sleep

Red Bull Project Endurance

Case Studies

Case Study: Sedation

Case Studies

Case Study: PTSD

Case Studies

Case Study: RETT Syndrome

Case Studies, Rare Disease, Rett syndrome

Case Study: Type 1 Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Case Studies

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