Creating a Common Understanding of Analytically Validated DHTs

Creating a Common Understanding of Analytically Validated DHT's

DATAcc announced the release of the Analytical Validation Library on May 23, 2023! Kate Lyden, Ph.D. and VivoSense CSO collaborated with other industry leaders to show ‘what good looks like’ regarding high-quality analytical validation. As new DHTs come online, industry-wide standards must be developed in tandem to ensure their ability to measure, detect or predict a clinical state.

The scientists completed a systematic review assessing the state of analytical validation for connected, mobile, sensor-based digital health technology. They analyzed studies between April 15, 2020, and April 15, 2023, against the criteria established by the V3 Framework and EVIDENCE checklist items specific to analytical validation. 300 of the 1201 studies reviewed reported the results of a DHT analytical validation study.

The Analytical Validation Library provides searchable access to peer-reviewed manuscripts reporting the performance of best-in-class analytical validation studies as defined by DiMe’s V3 Framework.

Read more about the study review process and check out the Datacc Analytical Validation Library!

Kate Lyden, PhD

Kate Lyden, PhD

Kate Lyden, PhD, VivoSense Chief Science Officer, holds degrees in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology and has extensive research experience developing, validating, and using wearable sensors.

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