How Experts Can Help Your Organization Adopt Digital Biomarkers

How Experts Can Help Your Organization Adopt Digital Biomarkers

As demand for preventive and precision healthcare evolves, the need for a new class of broadly applicable, precise, and accurate biomarkers exists. This approach gives clinicians and researchers the ability to monitor patients in the real world and discover the most effective treatment strategies. Regardless of your stage of adoption, digital biomarker experts can help.

Advanced: Currently Using Efficacy Endpoints

As digital biomarkers become well-accepted as primary endpoints, the validity of evidence submitted to the FDA is vital. Planning for adopting novel digital endpoints across your company portfolio/pipeline is the next phase in ensuring continued corporate innovation.

Good: Adopting While Supporting Traditional Measures

When resources in your clinical development team are scarce, integrate a qualified and experienced digital biomarker vendor. An end-to-end solution provider ensures continuity as your company develops a relationship with a trusted vendor in the fast-moving world of clinical innovation.

Pilot: In The Exploratory Phase

Failure to innovate jeopardizes clinical research. Education and engagement are the keys to unlocking the barriers around innovation adoption. The potential of digital biomarkers to improve drug therapies and patient outcomes must be clearly articulated by your solution provider. Unlocking the barriers around innovation adoption is one of the first steps on the way to success.

Intended: Planning To Do So

Senior-level executives are hesitant to buy into the adoption of digital biomarkers. Overcoming reluctance can be addressed with a clear science-based approach and careful project design. Even with a limited budget, clinical trial innovation within your corporate organization can begin taking shape.

Overcome barriers to successful digital biomarker development. Talk to us about how our wearable sensor data analysts and digital biomarker development experts can become a valuable extension of your team.

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Patrick Hankey, PhD

Patrick Hankey, PhD

Patrick Hankey, PhD has a doctorate in cell biology from The Queen's University, Belfast. He is a former research scientist at the University of California, San Diego.

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