Implementing Patient-Centric Solutions in Digital Evidence Generation

 Ieuan Clay, PhD  July 20, 2023  0 Comments

Implementing Patient-Centric Solutions in Digital Evidence Generation

We all know it's important to choose "measures that matter" when selecting and developing digital measures for evidence generation in clinical trials, but how do we put these good intentions into action? How do we lay solid, patient-centric foundations, whether that means designing a protocol, building an integrated evidence plan, or qualifying a novel evidence tool?

On May 16th, 2023, Ieuan Clay, Ph.D., Director of Science, and Robert Wright, Senior Research Scientist, joined the HealthXL Masterclass to discuss how we can lay solid, patient-centric foundations that will inform and enable data collection.

Focusing on the implementation of key evidence-generation frameworks and methods like PFDD, mixed methods research, and V3, they shared the fundamentals of selecting, implementing and developing digital measures that are truly patient-centric and generate meaningful evidence for your clinical trials. This masterclass also looked at the following:

  • Why and how does patient-centricity apply to digital measures
  • How to select the best digital tools for data collection
  • The best way to evaluate the evidence supporting a digital measure
  • How can we advance the maturity of a new digital measure

For more details, check out the PowerPoint presentation slides from the discussion:

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