Introducing VivoSense® 3.0

Vivonoetics is proud to introduce VivoSense® 3.0 with features that will help you manage data and perform analysis even better.

Introducing VivoSense® 3.0

Download the new version to access the following features:

  • New Hexoskin import, analysis module and export module for easy VivoSense® integration with Hexoskin data files. VivoSense® has created an import of Hexoskin files that only require a click of a button to import all data channels (ECG, Respiration and Accelerometer) from a session into one synchronized file.
  • EMG module offers analyzed channels, including Averaged Rectified EMG, Integrated EMG, EMG Power, Mean and Median Frequency of EMG Regions, Rectified EMG Waveform and EMG High Pass Filtered Waveform. With EMG being used more and more in the interface to biomedical prosthetics/devices, this module offers an easy way to understand these muscle signals.
  • EDR (ECG-Derived Respiration) offers the analyzed respiratory cycle from the ECG signal when recording respiratory data is not possible or unavailable. This VivoSense feature is free and experimental, and we would love to hear your thoughts on using this.

On top of these new features, VivoSense® has been enhancing all modules, including:

  • Complex Respiratory Analysis
  • GSR Analysis
  • HRV Analysis
  • PPG

If you have VivoSense® 2.9, look out for instructions to download and install VivoSense® 3.0 from the latest updates. Or click here to request a free trial.

Contact us if you would like to get a demonstration of any of the new features in VivoSense® 3.0.

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin, MSc. is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of VivoSense and a fervent believer in “good data” over “big data" in the development of digital endpoints from wearable sensor technology.

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