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VivoSense Clinical Trials Services now offered in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on April 2, 2019

Vivonoetics, a Microsoft Cloud Partner, now offers VivoSense in both the Azure Marketplace and AppSource. VivoSense is a regulatory compliant, cloud based platform for the analysis of wearable sensor data. VivoSense with VivoCapture provides pharmaceutical sponsors with secure access to contextualized sensor data, metadata, analyzed and raw signals. The platform makes use of Azure authentication and authorization, computing, and storage in a regulated sensor data warehouse.

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Indie Health Partners with VivoSense to Provide Advanced Insights in Chronic Disease Management and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on March 5, 2019

San Diego, CA, March 5, 2019 — Biometric sensor provider Indie Health announces its partnership with data analytics specialist VivoSense, to accelerate the delivery of actionable insights and accurate monitoring of patients’ health status. Combining VivoSense software with Indie Health sensor data ensures complete data integrity and structures it within a secure, regulatory-compliant and auditable environment.

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VivoSense (Vivonoetics, Inc.) Announces its Partnership with Cardiac Insight, Inc.

Posted by Alexa Williamson on November 1, 2018

VivoSense (Vivonoetics, Inc.) is proud to announce its partnership with Cardiac Insight, Inc. to expand the use of its wearable cardiac sensors in regulated pharmaceutical clinical trials and other healthcare research applications. To find out more, read our featured article in Business Wire.

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VivoSense Releases Newest Enhanced Wearable Sensor Analysis Platform

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018 Newport Coast CA – VivoSense (Vivonoetics), the leading provider of visualization and analysis software for data from wearable sensors is excited to announce the release of VivoSense® 3.2.

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Advanced Analytics for Electromyogram (EMG) Signals using VivoSense® Software: Understanding Muscle Responses to Intensive Resistance Training

Posted by Alexa Williamson on July 10, 2017

Health scientists at Hofstra University, NY, aim to uncover how resistance training with either a focus on intensity or volume increases muscle innervation, adaption and firing rates. These studies provide a greater understanding of how resistance training augments muscle activation and motor unit recruitment in trained individuals. This research has a broad range of applications, as we increasingly see the use of strength training in preventative healthcare and rehabilitation medicine.

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Developing Digital Biomarkers in Clinical Trials and Healthcare Delivery

Posted by Patrick Hankey on May 1, 2017

The practice of medicine and medical research is undergoing a rapid digital revolution transforming healthcare into a science of data analytics. The term Digital Health has entered the lexicon as we increasingly understand and describe medicine in terms of data generated by wearable physiological sensors, genetic sequencing and medical imaging. Rock Health, a venture fund dedicated to the founding and growth of Digital Health companies, recently published a report on the data driven transformation of healthcare, in particular highlighting the urgent need to develop digital biomarkers. Digital biomarkers are the medical signal or signatures contained in the vast data sets generated by the ever increasing use of leading edge medical technologies.

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Announcing VivoSense® Version 3.1 Release

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 Newport Coast CA – Vivonoetics is proud to introduce VivoSense® 3.1 with features that will help you manage data and perform analysis even better.

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VivoSense® Provides the Solution to Accurate Volume Measures Derived from RIP

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on March 21, 2017

Respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) is a method for evaluating breathing characteristics by measuring the movement of the thorax and abdominal wall. RIP acquires respiratory data via two elastic bands placed around the rib cage (RC) and abdomen (AB), and thus, must be calibrated to provide accurate volume metrics.

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VivoSense Marks Rare Disease Day 2017

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on February 28, 2017

VivoSense recognizes Rare Disease Day by minding the importance of discovering new advancements in research and clinical trials to care for those with rare diseases. There are approximately 30 million Americans living with with rare diseases today, and research into new therapies is imperative for these patients.

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Link Between Aerobic Fitness Level and Protection to Psychosocial Stress Found Using VivoSense®

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on February 14, 2017

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen used VivoSense® Software to study the link between physical activity and its ability to improve resistance to psychosocial stress.

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