Pharmaphorum Interview: Accelerating Wearables in Clinical Trials

Pharmaphorum Interview: Accelerating Wearables in Clinical Trials

Pharmaphorum interviewed VivoSense Chief Product Officer and co-founder Dudley Tabakin and new board members from Xontogeny and Debiopharm to discuss how VivoSense’s recent $25M Series A Financing round will help scale up VivoSense® software and accelerate the use of wearable sensors data in clinical trials.

Debiopharm Innovation Fund is an evergreen fund investing in digital health companies transforming patient journeys and pharmaceutical R&D. Xontogeny is a life sciences accelerator that collaborates with entrepreneurs, scientific founders and first-time CEOs to drive the successful development of their technologies to enable new treatment options for patients with serious diseases.


“The problem with most wearable sensor data is that it tends to be variable and ‘noisy.’ You’re wearing it on your body while walking around doing day-to-day activities. The VivoSense platform is developed specifically to be able to handle that type of variability.” ~ Dudley Tabakin, CEO, VivoSense

“We were really searching for the right investment in this emerging digital space. We’ve always been intrigued by wearables but haven’t seen a lot that has measured up until we met VivoSense. We think wearables that use these types of technologies will have an edge and be differentiated from those that use existing platforms in future clinical trials.” ~ Chris Garabedian, Founder, Xontogony

“When we came across VivoSense, we immediately knew that this was the company we had been looking for. The team has an entrepreneurial background and a long history of technical competency and knowledge in wearables. They share our vision about how patients can be passively monitored.” ~ Tanja Dowe, CEO, Debiopharm

Read the full article on the Pharmaphorum website: Digital Investment Promises To Accelerate The Use Of Wearable Sensor Data In Clinical Trials.

You can also watch the following on-demand webinar to hear Dudley speak about 3 critical steps to ensure meaningful data.

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Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin, MSc. is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of VivoSense and a fervent believer in “good data” over “big data" in the development of digital endpoints from wearable sensor technology.

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