Scope 2024: Driving Innovation in Clinical Trials and Digital Health

Top 10 Trends for Improving Clinical Trials Using DHTs in 2024

At the 15th Annual SCOPE Meeting in Orlando, “Driving Innovation in Clinical Trials and Digital Health,” representatives from across the clinical trial ecosystem shared case studies and described their commitment and approach to improving patient health through better clinical trials. 

SCOPE has long recognized that clinical trials and research are essential for advancing medical knowledge, improving patient care, and developing new treatments and therapies for the patients who need them. Execution of this vital work requires collaboration, innovation, and strategic decision-making.

Here are ten key takeaways industry leaders revealed about using DHTs and digital measurement to improve patient outcomes.

  1. Real Progress is being made in the deployment and inclusion of digital health technologies and digital measurement. Representatives from ABBVIE, BMS, Roche, Genentech, J&J, Pfizer, BI and others discussed case studies and value derived from using DHTs and improved digital measures of function.
  2. Start early in the design phase and protocol development when considering novel digital endpoints.
  3. Measure what matters to patients; do not use technology just for technology’s sake.
  4. Patient-centric design and engagement can develop measures that improve clinical outcomes.
  5. DHT and novel digital endpoints can make clinical trials more efficient by reducing the sample size and shortening the development cycle.
  6. Real-world, real-time, continuous measurement of patient function provides a more holistic view than episodic, inadequate and often burdensome on-site clinic measures.
  7. The FDA broadly supports the use of DHTs and digital measurement solutions and has provided guidance and open dialog on the use of DHTs in clinical trials, decentralized and hybrid approaches to clinical trials, and patient-focused drug development.
  8. Tufts Center for Drug Development and DiMe presented preliminary data on how DHTs can enhance the ROI and eNPV of clinical trials, supporting the value proposition for using digital endpoints to make trials more efficient.
  9. NIH continues to support and has consistently funded developments to improve the use of digital technology in clinical trials.
  10. Pharma sponsors are investing in innovation and patient engagement teams to share lessons across the development enterprise to incorporate digitally derived endpoints by leveraging prior work. 

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