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Indie Health Partners with VivoSense to Provide Advanced Insights in Chronic Disease Management and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on March 5, 2019

San Diego, CA, March 5, 2019 — Biometric sensor provider Indie Health announces its partnership with data analytics specialist VivoSense, to accelerate the delivery of actionable insights and accurate monitoring of patients’ health status. Combining VivoSense software with Indie Health sensor data ensures complete data integrity and structures it within a secure, regulatory-compliant and auditable environment.

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VivoSense (Vivonoetics, Inc.) Announces its Partnership with Cardiac Insight, Inc.

Posted by VivoSense Team on November 1, 2018

VivoSense (Vivonoetics, Inc.) is proud to announce its partnership with Cardiac Insight, Inc. to expand the use of its wearable cardiac sensors in regulated pharmaceutical clinical trials and other healthcare research applications. To find out more, read our featured article in Business Wire.

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VivoSense Marks Rare Disease Day 2017

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on February 28, 2017

VivoSense recognizes Rare Disease Day by minding the importance of discovering new advancements in research and clinical trials to care for those with rare diseases. There are approximately 30 million Americans living with with rare diseases today, and research into new therapies is imperative for these patients.

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VivoSense® Now Offers Cloud Hosting of Data

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on October 17, 2016

VivoSense® now allows you to upload, import and store all your data on our Cloud server with these features:

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VivoSense® Software Compatible with Hexoskin Health Monitoring Sensor Garment

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on September 9, 2013

Vivonoetics Inc., developer of VivoSense® visualization and analysis software, announced today that VivoSense® software will now be directly compatible with the Hexoskin health and activity monitoring smart shirt. Hexoskin, developed by Carré Technologies, is an elegant and cost-effective sensor garment designed for everyday use to unobtrusively measure detailed health and wellness data. VivoSense® is a sophisticated analysis and data management platform used by many elite clinical research institutions. VivoSense® compatibility with the Hexoskin consumer product will provide both researchers and quantified-self pundits a convenient and practical tool for the detailed interrogation and investigation of Hexoskin digital health data.

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Vivonoetics Partners with Beddit to Provide Contact-Free Monitoring of Sleep and Vital Signs

Posted by Dudley Tabakin on August 20, 2013

Vivonoetics Inc., developer of VivoSense® clinical research management and analysis software, announced today that they have partnered with Beddit, Inc., leading innovators in contact-free sleep and vital sign monitoring technology. The partnership will provide pharmaceutical companies and research organizations a practical and cost effective solution for long-term monitoring of sleep and vital signs, enabling more effective and efficient evaluation of new and existing treatments.

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