Articles and Insights About Wearables for Clinical Trials


Assessing Physical Function with Wearable Sensors in Cancer Survivors

 Shelby Bachman, PhD

Research scientist Shelby Bachman, PhD, spoke at the Roche Digital Biomarkers in Clinical Trials Summit on the prospects for wearable sensors for measuring health-related quality of life in cancer survivors.

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Examples of Patient-Centric Digital Measures for Rett Syndrome

 Robert Wright, PhD

On June 7th, 2023, Robert Wright, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at VivoSense, and Jana Von Hehn, PhD, CSO at Rett Syndrome Research Trust, presented at the Digital Health Innovation Summit, a forum to learn from the best about top trends in the industry. Their presentation, Developing Patient-Centric Real-World Digital Clinical Measures for Rett Syndrome, summarized years of collaborative work implementing digital health technologies in complex research programs.

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Implementing Patient-Centric Solutions in Digital Evidence Generation

 Ieuan Clay, PhD

We all know it's important to choose "measures that matter" when selecting and developing digital measures for evidence generation in clinical trials, but how do we put these good intentions into action? How do we lay solid, patient-centric foundations, whether that means designing a protocol, building an integrated evidence plan, or qualifying a novel evidence tool?

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The Importance of Patients as Partners in Alzheimer's Disease Research

 Jen Blankenship, PhD

Jen Blankenship, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, moderated a lively discussion with Shelby Bachman, PhD, Research Scientist, and an expert panel about the promise of Digital health technologies (DHTs) like smartphones and wearable sensors to advancing drug development and discovery in neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease.

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Key Learnings about Digital Measurement in Pediatric Research

 Dudley Tabakin

In May 2022, UCB launched a digital health roundtable series to explore the many diverse ways technology can benefit patients. In the third Roundtable, Emily Lewis (Digital Business Transformation, Neurology, UCB) convened an expert panel, including Dudley Tabakin, VivoSense CEO, to discuss the field of pediatric digital measurement to unpack key learnings from deployments to date, challenges, opportunities and the need for its translation into care. Watch the full video to hear insights from all four esteemed panelists.

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Wearable Sensors and Validating Outcome Measures in Clinical Trials

 Dudley Tabakin

In this Hitlab panel discussion, VivoSense CEO Dudley Tabakin and Industry Principal Paul Sonnier discuss validating digital endpoints for their delivery in clinical trials using a patient-first approach that substantiates the efficacy or performance of their treatment.

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Oncology Research and Care: Reimagining Digital Innovation

 Kate Lyden, PhD

Oncology research has been slower to adopt digital clinical measures than other therapeutics specialties in healthcare and drug development. Thought leaders are working to reverse this trend and rapidly integrate digital clinical measures in oncology patient care and clinical research.

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