VivoSense® Software Compatible with Hexoskin Health Monitoring Sensor Garment

VivoSense® Software Compatible with Hexoskin Health Monitoring Sensor Garment

Vivonoetics Inc., developer of VivoSense® visualization and analysis software, announced today that VivoSense® software will now be directly compatible with the Hexoskin health and activity monitoring smart shirt. Hexoskin, developed by Carré Technologies, is an elegant and cost-effective sensor garment designed for everyday use to unobtrusively measure detailed health and wellness data. VivoSense® is a sophisticated analysis and data management platform used by many elite clinical research institutions. VivoSense® compatibility with the Hexoskin consumer product will provide both researchers and quantified-self pundits a convenient and practical tool for the detailed interrogation and investigation of Hexoskin digital health data.

Hexoskin is a water resistant and machine washable shirt that is packed with an array of sensors sewn into the garment. The Hexoskin intelligent shirt offers an easy and more natural way of regularly capturing precise data. Metrics provided by the wearable sensor includes heart rate, respiration rate, activity and uniquely breathing volumes. It is an ideal tool for amateur or professional athletes or individuals wanting to better understand and improve their health and performance via constant and passive monitoring. Acquired sensor data are automatically uploaded to a secure cloud for storage and subsequent retrieval.

VivoSense® is a powerful digital health software system that captures data from a variety of wearable sensor platforms and offers a comprehensive set of features for efficient analysis, visualization and management of long-term, non-laboratory data. VivoSense® is typically used in clinical trials and research studies and is thus ideal for providing data-mining and discovery capabilities to motivated, quantified-self individuals. VivoSense® will download acquired data from the Hexoskin cloud and can be rapidly customized and configured to generate accurate and meaningful metrics, patterns, trends and statistics.

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About Vivonoetics, Inc.

Vivonoetics Inc., founded in 2009, and based in San Diego, CA, is a leader in body-worn technology for clinical research. Through the use of Vivonoetics core laboratory services and VivoSense® technology, researchers can obtain high quality data solutions describing a subject’s physiological status in ambulatory and home settings. Vivonoetics has supported research and clinical trials using VivoSense® at over 300 leading research and academic institutions across a wide range of health, performance and disease states. For more information, visit

About Carré Technologies

Carré Technologies Inc. develops wearable health sensors since 2006. Its mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful.

Hexoskin is a smart clothing technology that enables precise health monitoring from garments like shirts and underwear. Hexoskin connects to smart phones to make health data remotely available in real-time using secure Internet technology. Hexoskin makes it easy to record data about physical activity, sleep, and psychological states in a mobile fashion, outside traditional clinical environments.

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin, MSc. is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of VivoSense and a fervent believer in “good data” over “big data" in the development of digital endpoints from wearable sensor technology.

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