VivoSense Joins DiMe Physical Activity Project

 Kate Lyden  October 31, 2022  0 Comments

VivoSense Joins DiMe Physical Activity Project

We are excited to announce our participation in DiMe's Physical Activity, the latest digital clinical measures project. In partnership with the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and other leaders in the field, we are developing a core set of digital measures for tracking patients’ physical activity across any therapeutic area.

Clinicians, researchers, and drug developers need to have a shared baseline of digital measures to improve our patients’ health, regardless of their disease or condition. By taking an omni-therapeutic approach, we believe we can reduce time and risk, speeding the development of new therapies to market. Read more about the project.

“We are pleased to join the PAM project with DiMe to improve the efficiency and efficacy of clinical research and care. Vivosense has a long history of deploying physical activity measures in clinical trials,” said Kate Lyden, VivoSense's Chief Science Officer.

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