VivoSense Joins DTRA to Accelerate Adoption of Decentralized Trials

 Rob Wilson  June 9, 2022  0 Comments

VivoSense joins DTRA to Accelerate Adoption of Decentralized Trials

VivoSense, an agile end-to-end digital clinical endpoint solutions company developing digital endpoints from wearable sensors with their proprietary AI-enabled software platform is proud to join an alliance of over one hundred and twenty life sciences and healthcare organizations that seek to accelerate the broad adoption of patient-focused, decentralized clinical trials and research. The Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA), is uniting industry stakeholders, including healthcare companies, regulators, patient groups, research organizations and technology providers with a singular mission to make clinical trial participation widely accessible by advancing policies, research practices and new technologies in decentralized clinical research.

“We believe digital clinical endpoints derived from connected devices and wearable sensors can improve patient research and care and ultimately enhance the efficiency and efficacy of decentralized trials. However, if you're going to collect data from patients you need to begin with the patient perspective, be inclusive, minimize patient burden, and validate and verify the endpoints that best serve those patients’ meaningful aspects of health. We’re pleased to join DTRA and support its mission of reducing site and patient burden and enhancing the experience of participating in drug development,” said Dudley Tabakin, VivoSense CEO.

"Now is the time to share ideas and insights that will chart the future course of clinical trials, accelerating drug development and saving lives – and by taking part in the DTRA, VivoSense is joining the many entities that are contributing to this mission", said Craig Lipset, DTRA co-Chair. “We have a responsibility to advance the health of people with unmet medical needs, and by convening stakeholders, we can remove remaining barriers to adoption and impact patients today.

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