The Value of Remote Monitoring in Decentralized Clinical Trials

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Advantages of Using Connected Devices

Advantages of Using Connected Devices

Our Clinical Scientist, Jen Blankenship, PhD., spoke at the 2nd Operationalize: Decentralized Clinical Trials Summit. In this webinar, she discusses how wearable and remote monitoring technology can streamline and enhance decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of collecting episodic measures, like routine vital signs
  • Expanding recruitment reach
  • Providing real-world clinical outcome measures and endpoints
  • Creating contextually rich datasets

Fill out the form to hear more from Jen about how connected devices complement the overall objectives of DCTs to meet patients where they are at, reduce the burden of participating in clinical trials, and measure patients in environments that matter most to them.

Decentralized Clinical Trials

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