Changing Perspectives in Digital Measure Development

By Ieuan Clay, PhD.

Changing Perspectives in Digital Measure Development

Ieuan Clay, VivoSense Director of Science, presented at the Mobilise-D Conference to discuss what can be measured, what should be measured, and what must be measured, along with some examples of putting it into practice. Watch the video or check out his slides for a quick snapshot of his presentation!

In his talk, Ieuan highlighted the importance of distinguishing between different types of measurements. He emphasized that while many parameters can be measured with current technology, not all are necessarily valuable for every study. He advocated for a strategic approach to selecting which measurements should be prioritized based on the specific objectives of each clinical trial. This approach ensures that the data collected is not only abundant but also relevant and actionable.

Ieuan also shared several real-world examples where these principles were applied successfully. He showcased case studies demonstrating how targeted measurements can lead to significant advancements in understanding disease progression and treatment efficacy. By carefully selecting what must be measured, researchers can obtain critical insights that drive better health outcomes.

For those interested in delving deeper into his insights, a video of Ieuan’s presentation is available. Additionally, his slides provide a concise overview of his key points and examples, serving as a valuable resource for anyone involved in clinical research and digital biomarker development.

Ieuan Clay, PhD.

Ieuan Clay, PhD, VivoSense Director of Science focuses on translating innovations in the ability to collect data into insights which improve decision making. Combining strategy and science, Ieuan leads research which develops capabilities or products. His current focus is on how initial progress in digital health can be built upon to create a more engaging, holistic and valuable experience for patients, delivering validated, qualified outcomes that help individuals manage and navigate their own health journey.

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