Measuring Physical function with Wearable sensors in Oncology 

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VivoSense recently participated in the 8th annual Roche Digital Biomarker Conference in Basel, Switzerland. At the conference, leaders in digital health provided case studies that demonstrated the value of incorporating real-world digital endpoints in clinical trials across therapeutic areas.  

Our Senior Scientist, Shelby Bachman, PhD, presented a comprehensive longitudinal multimodal study using wearable sensors to measure physical function in oncology patients. This study delves into how real-world physical behavior relates to traditional measures of physical function over time.  

The study design includes participants recruited from a cancer rehabilitation facility, where individuals new to the exercise program aimed at reducing cancer-related fatigue opted into a 12-week study. The primary goal is to assess the feasibility and acceptability of remote monitoring using wrist-worn devices among patients undergoing or recently completed cancer treatment. The study captures real-world physical activity by utilizing wearable digital measures, providing a holistic view of patient function beyond traditional perception and performance assessments.  

Notably, the study has identified variability in wear compliance influenced by treatment side effects and device features. Participants appreciated receiving a 1-page summary report of their health data and study results, underscoring the value of personalized health insights. However, challenges remain in ensuring consistent wear compliance and integrating digital measures with traditional assessments.  

VivoSense continues to explore integrating digital measures from wearable sensors with traditional physical function assessments to enhance oncology care. This study underscores the potential of wearable technology in providing valuable real-world insights while highlighting the challenges in its deployment.  

Stay tuned for more updates on how VivoSense revolutionizes patient-centric oncology care through innovative digital health strategies. 

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