VivoSense Marks Rare Disease Day

By Dudley Tabakin

VivoSense Marks Rare Disease Day

VivoSense celebrates Rare Disease Day by highlighting the importance of new advancements in research and clinical trials for rare disease care. With approximately 30 million Americans living with rare diseases, it is imperative to develop new therapies for these patients.

We are assisting clinical trials targeting respiratory therapies for rare diseases like Rett Syndrome and Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Using wearable sensor solutions, we believe long-term respiratory monitoring will pave the way for new research opportunities in rare diseases.

For more information on Rare Disease Day, visit the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

National Organization for Rare Disorders | NORD

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin, MSc. is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of VivoSense and a fervent believer in “good data” over “big data” in the development of digital endpoints from wearable sensor technology.

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