Deliver Digital Endpoints: Find New Outcomes Fast

On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar Deliver Digital Endpoints: Find New Outcomes Fast

During this webinar presentation, you’ll hear from an expert panel about bringing digital endpoints online as quickly as practically possible. One of the panelists and VivoSense Chief Science Officer, Kate Lyden, stated:

“Escalating costs and plummeting success rates has the pharmaceutical industry reevaluating how clinical drug trials are conducted. The diverse enthusiasm surrounding this webinar and other similar events in the field is evidence of the fact that cross-industry experts are excited and optimistic. The potential of wearable and connected technologies to fundamentally transform how trials are conducted is encouraging.”

Other panelists include: Carrie Northcott, Pfizer; Rasmus Hogreffe, LEO Innovation Lab; Ray Dorsey, University of Rochester Medical Center; Jelena Curcic, Novartis. Paul Simms from eyeforpharma moderated. They share expert insights about:

  • Identifying, capturing, pipe-lining and analyzing the right source data
  • Leveraging existing guidance and processes and account for technical complexity in endpoint development
  • Finding opportunities and frameworks for cross-community collaboration: why, what, how?
  • Building technology and processes that work with regulators, without compromising flexibility or speed of adoption

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