Colin Bower Joins VivoSense as Chief Executive Officer

By Dudley Tabakin

Colin Bower Joins VivoSense as Chief Executive Officer

We are thrilled to announce Colin Bower as our new Chief Executive Officer and a member of our Board of Directors. Colin will succeed Dudley Tabakin, who will work closely with him to ensure a smooth transition. As the new Chief Product Officer, Dudley will continue his involvement with VivoSense, focusing on product development.

Colin Bower’s Vision

“I’m delighted to join the tremendously talented team at VivoSense,” said Colin Bower, CEO. “For more than a decade, they have led pharma partners and enhanced clinical research through sensor-driven endpoints. Furthermore, by matching our new clinical measures based on machine learning with growing sponsor demand for validated digital endpoints, we will facilitate the path to precision care for all patients. Additionally, I’m looking forward to working closely with Dudley. Together, we will build upon the internal culture he has created and the respect he has garnered from our partners and the clinical trial market.”


Bower is a leader in healthcare technology

with more than a decade of experience. He has held various significant roles, including founder, CEO, commercial leader, and director. Before joining VivoSense, he was President and CEO of Clintara, which was acquired by Bracket (now Signant Health). His work with Bracket drove the growth of their data capture and analytics platform and was instrumental in the firm’s acquisition by Genstar Capital.

Following this, Colin founded EMA Wellness, a data and machine learning platform, where he currently serves as Executive Chair. He also recently served as Chief Growth Officer at Panalgo, a leading machine learning RWD analytics platform, and oversaw its acquisition by MMIT. Colin holds a BA from McGill University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

“We’re excited to have Colin join us as CEO and Director of VivoSense,” added Chris Garabedian, a VivoSense Board Member. “He will drive the next phase of our development. Colin’s track record with global biopharma and biotech partners is extensive and admirable. He has consistently improved the speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness of clinical trials through new technological solutions. Colin has shown strong leadership to his teams and customers alike.”

“I am excited to welcome Colin to VivoSense,” said Dudley Tabakin, Chief Product Officer. “Colin is a proven leader with a deep understanding of the digital health technology industry. He has a track record of success in growing and leading businesses. I am confident he is the right leader to take VivoSense to the next level. Colin and I will work together. We will combine our strengths to build on our company’s success. We aim to develop and deliver real-world digital clinical measures and take the company to new heights.”

Joining VivoSense, he continues our mission to develop and validate real-world clinical measures from digital technologies. His expertise in commercializing healthcare technology solutions will help VivoSense reach more customers and impact more patients than ever. Ultimately, our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative work has earned us a reputation as an industry leader.

Dudley Tabakin

Dudley Tabakin, MSc. is Chief Product Officer and co-founder of VivoSense and a fervent believer in “good data” over “big data” in the development of digital endpoints from wearable sensor technology.

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